Joel Bate

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option bit Joel is 27. He was born and raised in country Mildura and after leaving school he moved to Adelaide to study Physical Education at Flinders Uni. It was during this time that he decided that he wanted to become a personal trainer and so he switched to the Australian Institute of Fitness and achieved his Certificates 3 and 4. He has been a full time trainer for the last six years and he has a very loyal and happy group of clients who vary in age from 16-70 with different levels of fitness from clients who’ve never really been to a gym to top athletes. Joel trains hard himself (which is pretty obvious when you meet him!) and he maintains a very strict and healthy diet, but he understands that his full time fitness regime is just not possible for all of his clients to achieve. So he develops programmes according to each of his client’s individual availabilities, budget and needs.

aplicaciones para conocer chicas les Joel can be contacted directly on love@lycos partnersuche 0429950154.